Our accommodation offer is complemented by various campsites which are individually designed.

Three of the campsites are set up on the mountain or along the mountain ridge and offer a fantastic view in every direction, but especially into the wide plain of the valley. Two of these campsites have completely private ablutions. The third is conveniently located near the Lapa and the complete ablutions there. All these campsites can accommodate up to six people.

Another campsite is located near the farmhouse. This camp site is made up of 4 pitches that have two shared, complete ablutions.

A bit further away we offer the "the wild one" campsite. Here our guests can enjoy complete seclusion and privacy. On this campsite the simplest of ablutions is available and we will carry the water needed to the campsite by ourselves. Some of our campsites are only accessible by 4x4.

*We can not provide electricity at the safari tents and campsites.

  We are happy to provide you with cooling batteries from our freezer and a cooler box.

  If required, you can leave your electrical appliances in the farmhouse to recharge.

Eagle Camp

  • Located on the hill

  • Open air ablutions with views

  • BBQ place

  • Sink

  • Suitable for rooftop tents and /or 1 ground tent

  • Tent pitch under shade-net: 4x4x2m

  • Accessible only by 4x4



Moonlight Camp

  • Located on the hill

  • Open air ablutions with views

  • BBQ place

  • Sink

  • Suitable for rooftop tents or 1 small ground tent 

  • Tent pitch under shade-net: 2x2,5x2m

  • Accessible only by 4x4

Hilltop Camp

  • Located on the hill

  • Shade

  • Ablutions at the Lapa

  • BBQ place

  • Sink

  • Beautiful "all around" views

  • Suitable for rooftop tents




The "Wild" One

  • Remote campsite in the savannah

  • Absolute privacy

  • BBQ place

  • Earth toilet and bucket shower

  • Sink (no water, this is provided by us in a canister)

  • Suitable for rooftop tents and ground tent

  • Accessible only by 4x4

Orange Campsite

  • Community campsite at the farmhouse

  • 4 pitches

  • BBQ places

  • 2 shared ablutions

  • Suitable for rooftop tents and ground tents

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For your Braai...

At our reception we sell firewood, cool drinks and braai-packs.

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